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RJ Logistics Joins Forces with TriumphPay and Highway to Enhance Safety and Trust in the Trucking Industry

Exciting news! RJ Logistics is proud to announce our collaboration with TriumphPay and Highway to further improve the trucking industry for everyone involved. This groundbreaking partnership will help us combat a serious issue known as double-brokering fraud. Double-brokering occurs when deceptive individuals exploit the system to profit without actually providing any services. This problem affects hundreds of millions of dollars worth of goods in our industry annually.

TriumphPay is a leader in payments for the transportation sector, while Highway excels as a technology provider focusing on carrier identity management. By joining forces, they’ll assist us in ensuring that no one is transporting more freight than they should. This means we can better prevent dishonest individuals from getting paid and concentrate on collaborating with the most reliable carriers.

Melissa Forman, the president of TriumphPay, and Jordan Graft, the CEO at Highway, both agree that this partnership will result in more secure, efficient, and profitable transactions for everyone involved. We at RJ Logistics are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with these outstanding companies to create a safer and more reliable trucking industry.

Example Scenario: Imagine you’re a business owner shipping a large volume of goods across the country. Without TriumphPay and Highway, it might be challenging to verify the carriers’ identity, making it easier for dishonest people to infiltrate the system and commit fraud. However, by integrating both TriumphPay and Highway into our daily operations, RJ Logistics can verify carrier identities, ensure that payments are made securely, and avoid double-brokering fraud. This ultimately leads to a safer and smoother shipping experience for our customers.

In addition to TriumphPay’s existing tools that help prevent financial fraud, Highway’s technology will further enhance our ability to verify carrier identities and reduce the risk of fraudulent activity. This will provide peace of mind for our customers, while giving our partner carriers a more enjoyable and fast payment experience.

As our valued customer, this partnership demonstrates RJ Logistics’ commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technologies like TriumphPay and Highway to provide you with the best customer service in the industry. Our goal is to ensure your goods are shipped safely, efficiently, and without any complications. You can trust that we’ll always be exploring ways to improve our services and optimize your logistics processes.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, thank you for choosing RJ Logistics!

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