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Experience the RJ Logistics Culture

Join a team of transportation specialists who want to see you succeed.

Are Your Contributions Going Unnoticed?

Most logistics companies

  • have office politics
  • make it difficult to get recognized
  • are impossible to move up the ladder

Are you showing up to the meetings, putting in the hard work, and not seeing fruits of your labor?

At RJ Logistics you can experience freedom and flexibility that you can’t find at larger logistics firms while also experiencing the potential for career growth and mobility that small firms can’t compete with!


Join a passionate team of highly talented, innovative individuals. 

At RJ Logistics, our mission is simple: help companies solve their supply chain problems. 

Our team is compromised of the best problem solvers in the industry: individuals with a dedication to results who skillfully build long-lasting, meaningful customer relationships.

Ready to be a part of something bigger? Join RJ Logistics, where providing effective solutions and premium service also means being an integral part of a thriving team. 

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Full Time, Part Time
Indianapolis, IN, Laredo, TX, Southfield, MI
Posted 2 months ago
Full Time
Remote, Southfield, MI
Posted 2 months ago
Full Time
Southfield, MI
Posted 2 months ago
Full Time, Part Time
Indianapolis, IN, Laredo, TX, Southfield, MI
Posted 4 months ago

You Deserve an Opportunity that brings out the best of your Career!

Competitive Pay & Performance Bonuses

You deserve to be rewarded for doing your job well.

In addition to great pay, we also award bonuses for excellence. In the past three years, we’ve gifted our employees with more than $500,000 in cash bonuses, flat-screen TVs, gift cards, and trips. A generous pay check plus competing together as a team is fun! When the Team wins, we all win.


Healthy Work-Life Balances

You deserve a happy, healthy life on and off the job.

Benefits include paid-time off, paid holidays, and parental leave. In-office positions include no evenings or weekends and a hybrid split-week.


Full Healthcare Coverage

 You deserve great physical and mental care so you can feel your best every day.

Benefits include full healthcare coverage, dental, vision, and an employee care program that gives you 24/7 access to medical professionals, doctors, counselors and chiropractors.

Great Pay and Benefits

Retirement Program & Company Match

Continuing Education Opportunities

Clear Expectations

Healthy, High-Performing Team

Cooperative & Competitive Atmosphere

Does this sound like you?

Our team is made up of healthy, high performing people

Self Motivated

Our team members are decent, kind human beings who pitch in to help their co-workers. They stay flexible, and maintain an encouraging attitude. We are looking for self motivated people who can complement the rest of our talented team.

Critical Thinker

Prioritizing multiple tasks using strong organizational skills is a must for our team members. They pay attention to the details and use their critical thinking skills to solve problems.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We believe that you have the ability to shape the company for the better. We’re lean and nimble, so good ideas get heard. The entrepreneurial sprit that you bring to the team will contribute to the growth that will benefit both you and our company. 

Assume Positive Intent

Our team uses a solutions-based communication style with customers and co-workers. We are intentional in the ways we interact. When the stakes are high, it is imperative to assume positive intent in our teammates in order to most effectivly overcome challenges.

Our Critical Actions

In addition to these key attributes our team strives to collaborate because it benefits the company, your co-workers, our customers and carriers. We strive to set the industry standard by “always doing the right thing” which we believe means:

  • Full transparency 
  • Early problem identification and solution-oriented resolutions
  • Paying out partners and charging our clients a fair price
  • Being invested in client and partner success

Delivering Positive Experiences

We built the company we want to work for.

RJ Logistics is strong, growing, performance-driven, and supportive.

We’ve all had jobs with toxic bosses, dramatic coworkers, overwhelming responsibilities, and out-of-control customers. We knew we could build a better, healthy company. At RJ, we are passionate about logistics, we like who we work with, and have a culture of appreciation.

The support you need for the success you deserve

“The Logistics business is full of ups and downs. We work to make sure that our team is supported in a way that will help to enable their success. Because when the Team wins, we all win.”

David Saunders- Director of Logistics Sales


Apply for a better future.

Are you an a upbeat team player interested in developing new skills, with an eagerness to help others? You should apply!

Apply Online.

The application process starts online. Your application will be reviewed, and, if we’re interested, you’ll be contacted for a phone interview.


Connect and Learn.

If the phone screening goes well, you’ll come in for an in-person interview. We want to meet you, and we want you to see the office and meet our team. We are proud of our high employee retention rate and we want to make sure that we are the right company for you.  

Say Yes! 

If we both feel like it’s a good fit, we’ll offer you the position. There’s some paperwork to complete, but we’ll want to start training you as soon as possible.

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