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Want a Partner Invested in Your Success?

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You don’t get paid to sit, so you need a partner who works proactively to ensure you have everything you need.  So that you can pull in, hook up, and get headed down the road, while we are lining up your next load. 




We are always excited to broaden our partnerships and our footprint, which is why we invite you to join our carrier base. Whether you are expedite, flatbed/specialized, cross border or full truckload carriers, our doors are open for up-and-coming transportation companies that are looking to achieve sustainable growth while sharing our same vision. RJ Logistics is a full-service trucking shipping freight service.

When You Partner With RJ:

You have an advocate for your success not just a broker booking a load. When you run into problems on the road you have someone who is advocating for you and your business, who is proactively looking to get you the best result. 

See what it is like to go:


Frustrated, undervalued, and underutilized, waiting on shipments with bad information, not having a caring single point of contact.


Efficiently utilized drivers, running effectively and reaching your goals with a partner and advocate who is looking out for your success.

RJ is Built to Support Carriers

Partnering with RJ is Easy

Follow the steps below and we will be booking shipments together in no time. If you need help along the way contact our Carriers team.


Connect with a member of our Carriers team to determine what routes fit your business

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Drive On

Start booking shipments with our Carriers team
“RJ Logistics has done a phenomenal job at keeping my drivers on the road. They have been a great partner over the years.”

“Our favorite part about working with team RJ is their consistent freight and dedicated lanes.”

-RJ Logistics Mexico Partner
“The drivers who come to our facility are more professional than average drivers and appear to be of good demeanor.”

- RJ Logistics Customer
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The RJ Promise to Carriers

RJ Logistics started as a carrier, so we respect what you do and will work to be the partner we would have wanted.
We promise to:
  • Work to serve our customers and carriers in a way that allows us all to win together.
  • Communicate as transparently and proactively as possible.
  • Look out for your best interests, working toward the best outcome, especially in difficult situations.

Because this will allow us to succeed and grow together.

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Partner with RJ Logistics today on your transportation and logistic services.

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