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How Working with The Right Logistics Partner Can Save Your Business Time & Resources

Finding the right shipping solutions can be a challenge for any business, big or small. From deciding which equipment is best suited for the job to ensuring timely delivery, there are many factors that can impact a company’s supply chain.

Recently, one of our customers ordered a dry van to pick up a shipment at a supplier facility. Our historical data showed that we have never sent a dry van to this specific facility in the past, so we double checked by giving them a call. After a call to the facility, our team discovered that the equipment requested would not work. The facility did not load dry vans and the customer needed a flatbed to fulfill the order. We immediately called the customer back and informed them of the issue. They were grateful for our proactive approach and quickly realized they had ordered the wrong equipment.

By taking a proactive approach to research the shipment and verify with the supplier facility, our team was able to save our customer valuable time and resources.

Our customer was able to avoid failure by:

  • Avoiding paying TONU (truck order not used) fees and extra fees for requesting the wrong equipment.
  • Avoiding paying a premium for an expedited delivery if this mistake was recognized after the fact.
  • Avoiding overall delays in delivery, which could have potentially caused an inventory issue at the production facility.

Our customer was able to overcome their challenges and keep their supply chain moving uninterrupted.

At RJ Logistics, we take pride in being an extension of our customers’ shipping departments. We work collaboratively with our customers to understand their shipping needs, and we provide solutions to help them overcome these obstacles. Our team of logistics experts has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide solutions that fit the specific needs of each customer.

In conclusion, shipping freight can be a challenge, but with the right partner, it doesn’t have to be. RJ Logistics is dedicated to helping our customers overcome shipping challenges and keep their supply chains moving uninterrupted. We are proud to act as an extension of our customers’ shipping departments, and we look forward to continuing to provide solutions that help our customers succeed.

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