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Expedited Machinery Transportation: Transforming Manufacturing Supply Chains

expedited transportation

The aftermath of the Francis Scott Key Bridge disaster illustrates the importance of expedited machinery transportation in manufacturing supply chains. 

The Port of Baltimore handles more roll-on/roll-off imports of farm machinery and construction equipment than any other seaport in the United States. When the bridge collapsed into the Patapsco River in late March and closed the port, many of those imports were offloaded at other East Coast ports and trucked to Baltimore for distribution to the end customer. 

Some of the major construction equipment manufacturers that use the Port of Baltimore are Case, New Holland, Caterpillar, John Deere, and Komatsu, according to Equipment World. 

The diversion of vessels carrying equipment and machinery can lead to bottlenecks and congestion, according to Successful Farming. “The sudden influx of RoRo vessels strains existing infrastructure and port operations, leading to longer berthing times and slower turnaround times for cargo. Delays ripple through the supply chain, affecting exporters and importers awaiting timely deliveries. The resulting uncertainty pressures businesses to adapt quickly and find alternative solutions to minimize disruptions.” 

One solution for machinery manufacturers and distributors to minimize disruptions is to take advantage of expedited transportation options from trusted providers like RJ Logistics to quickly get that equipment where it needs to go. 

The Role of Expedited Transportation in Manufacturing

The average cost of unplanned downtime in manufacturing is $125,000 an hour

“Manufacturers who hope to remain competitive in the years to come must take steps now to improve their supply chain efficiencies,” a Randstad report said, adding that “Excel spreadsheets are no longer an effective way to manage supply chain processes. The reality is that these supply chain networks and consumer demands have become too complex to be managed manually.”

The bottom line, according to Randstad, is that “companies that want to survive in today’s market should strongly consider upgrading their current supply chain processes to include advanced technology.” 

Manufacturers that need expedited transportation can leave the advanced technology to RJ Logistics. We provide solutions to complex expedited transportation problems with state-of-the-art technology. We also believe that communication is key to great service, and we combine the latest technology with human-to-human communication to provide that great service.

RJ Logistics Helps Build Bridges – Literally

At RJ Logistics, we do whatever it takes to deliver for our customers – no matter the type of shipment. 

We recently moved an 84-foot-long, 57,000-pound steel slab that was needed for a bridge overpass under construction on a busy highway. The RJ Logistics team was on time, communicated effectively, followed through with the customer from beginning to end, and successfully executed the delivery of this oversized shipment of construction material with no problems.

Whether it’s oversized, expedited, truckload, flatbed, or cross-border freight, RJ Logistics has you covered. 

Expedited Transport: Just One of RJ Logistics’ Strengths

“From the global turmoil unleashed by COVID-19 to [the] attacks in the Red Sea and the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore, it’s abundantly clear that as business leaders, we should never get too comfortable as the shadow of unpredictability persists,” Eric Schrader, chief product officer for Propel Software, wrote in Fast Company. “Rather, we must continually reassess our supply chain strategies to compete in an era where only the most innovative and responsive thrive.”

At RJ Logistics, headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, we work with our customers to develop their supply chain strategies for handling expedited transport – and then we deliver. We also communicate with our customers every step of the way.

As veterans in the expedited transport business, we have the expertise to handle all urgent shipments with care. Our dedicated team is always available to secure capacity for your goods and provide fast, dependable service. We always have the equipment needed for the job, whether that’s a dry van, sprinter van, cargo van, or you name it. 

We have also formed strong carrier partnerships through a detailed vetting process focused on compliance, risk mitigation, safety, flawless execution, equipment, and technology standards. These strategic carrier partnerships allow us to deliver top-notch service to our customers and offer a wide array of transportation options, including flatbed and Conestoga. 

At RJ Logistics, our mission is to deliver positive experiences for our customers, partners, and community through actions guided by our core values and principles. Schedule a call with us today to learn what we can do for you. 

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