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Project Logistics: The Right Freight Broker is Key to Success

project logistics

Project logistics “involves planning, organizing, managing, processing, and controlling the complete flow of goods, materials, and information associated with the successful completion of a specific project. The freight involved is typically large, bulky, heavy, unusually shaped, and high-value, making project logistics one of the most demanding areas of supply chain, logistics, and transportation,” according to Inbound Logistics.

Selecting the right freight broker is key to the successful completion of these projects.

Exploring the World of Project Logistics

Danish shipping giant Maersk said “unique skills and competence” are needed for project logistics, which it explained, “covers the combination of solution design, special cargo transportation, and project management services, including detailed planning, orchestration, and sequencing of end-to-end shipments from suppliers to destination sites.”

Maersk said a project can be deemed successful when “all cargo eventually converges at a given destination site in the right sequence, with zero defect, in full and on time.”

Another European powerhouse, Kuehne+Nagel, said the best project logistics providers: 

  • Offer expert project management support.
  • Utilize logistics infrastructure studies in planning.
  • Stay flexible throughout the ramp-up and peak phases.
  • Leverage qualified, temporary staffing on short notice.
  • Deliver on time and on budget. 

Inbound Logistics said shippers needing project logistics typically “operate in verticals such as oil and gas, energy, mining, construction, military, and other heavily industrial sectors that regularly transport products like reactors, generators, turbines, boilers, towers, oil rig parts, military equipment, and satellites.” 

The 2022 article cited a report that estimated 84% of the growth in project logistics since 2018 had come from solar and wind energy projects. But there also is demand for project logistics to handle:

  • Transporting large machinery and construction materials.
  • Moving drilling equipment and oversized pipelines.
  • Delivering critical engineering components for infrastructure projects.
  • Shipping heavy mining machinery and modular equipment.

Navigating the Challenges of Project Logistics

There are many challenges associated with project logistics, including:

  • Complex coordination needs, involving scheduling the shipping of oversized cargo using various transportation modes and ensuring synchronized deliveries.
  • Regulatory hurdles, requiring navigation through complex local, national, and international regulations and securing all necessary permits.
  • Route planning complexities, including overcoming geographical barriers and modifying routes to ensure safe delivery while adhering to all local laws.
  • Risk management, which involves addressing the heightened risks associated with transporting valuable and critical project components.
  • Communication barriers, which must be struck down to ensure all stakeholders are continuously informed.

Seven Ways Freight Brokers Deliver Results for Project Logistics

The right freight broker streamlines project logistics through the coordination of multimodal transportation, route and logistics planning, securing necessary permits and regulatory compliance, risk management, contract and price negotiation, communication and tracking, and installation coordination. 

1. Coordination of Multimodal Transportation

The right freight broker manages and synchronizes the various transportation modes to ensure efficient and safe cargo delivery.

2. Route and Logistics Planning

The right freight broker plans the best routes to overcome potential transportation challenges. (No one wants to end up on the evening news for getting their freight stuck in an underpass.)

3. Securing Necessary Permits and Regulatory Compliance

The right freight broker follows all local, state, and federal regulations and ensures no laws are broken in the transport of freight. 

4. Risk Management

The right freight broker mitigates all risks associated with project logistics.

5. Contract and Price Negotiation

The right freight broker ensures cost-efficiency while delivering top-quality service. 

6. Communication and Tracking

It is vital to provide clear and continuous communication throughout the project life cycle. It is critical when there are unexpected delays. The right freight broker keeps you fully informed every step of the way. 

7. Installation Coordination

The right freight broker coordinates the installation processes at project sites so you can focus on the project itself.

RJ Logistics: Your Reliable Partner in Project Logistics

RJ Logistics has the unique skills and competence needed for project logistics. We provide:

  • Customized solutions and tailored logistics strategies to meet your specific project needs.
  • Proven success stories, and dozens of examples of past projects in which we successfully managed complex logistics requirements.
  • Client-centric approaches in which we prioritize client needs and project specifications to ensure success.

In addition to project logistics, we specialize in expedited services and offer real-time tracking and a wealth of shipping options through our strategic partnerships, including flatbed, Conestoga, cargo van, and dry van.

RJ Logistics Goes Above and Beyond

The Inbound Logistics article said project logistics “requires above-and-beyond commitment to getting the job done.” RJ Logistics does just that. It’s our mission to deliver positive experiences for our customers, partners, and community through actions guided by our core values and principles.

Blackridge Research & Consulting said the benefits of project logistics are: 

  • “It saves a lot of time!”
  • It arranges for the transport of “massive, wider, longer, and taller cargos that are extremely difficult to move around.”
  • It is less expensive than traditional transport for cargo of “disproportionate dimensions.” 
  • Improved safety due to “special consideration.”
  • “The project owner can sleep peacefully as the logistics team takes care of the risks and responsibilities.”

RJ Logistics makes sure its partners get a good night’s sleep by taking on all the project logistics responsibilities. 

Blackridge advised companies to “learn more about all the service aspects before hiring a logistics provider. Also, ensure that the project logistics team can carry out the logistics operations in advance.” 

RJ Logistics can. Talk to us about your project needs.

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