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Choosing a 3PL PROVIDER
can be a Headache

You deserve prompt service,
quality communication,
and people who care.

3PL Partner Invested in Your Success

You need your product to get from point A to point B, safely & on time. You’re the expert in your field, and you should be able to manage your supply chain without getting a splitting headache.

You need a 3PL Partner who is invested in your success to ensure your shipment is where it needs to be, when it needs to be delivered!

Are shipping problems robbing you of peace of mind?

Do you find yourself frustrated and in the dark about the progress and promptness of your freight? Are you just hoping the next shipment won’t be as big a headache as the last?

At RJ Logistics, we want you to feel confident in your shipping plan so you can be ready to move more product and serve more customers. With us, you’ll know that even when problems pop up, our team is working days, nights, and weekends to make sure the freight arrives safely and on time.

Take the Weight of Your Freight Off Your Shoulders

RJ Logistics team members are experts at truckload, flatbed/specialized, cross-border, drayage, and expedite transportation solutions throughout North America.

When it comes to automotive, manufacturing, automation/robotics, commodities, or packaging-related shipments, one size doesn’t fit all. 

RJ Logistics Will Guide You to the Right Solution


We work hard to set your shipments up for success. If issues arise, we promise to communicate with honesty and transparency.


Our team of experts will focus on your freight so you don't have to. We make sure you have the right solution partnered with the right expertise.


We make it our business to learn how you operate, adapt to your needs, and ensure an outstanding experience.

Extension of Your Shipping Department

We make it our business to make your experience great.

Transportation and Logistics Services

Working to Help You Succeed

We Discover Your Shipping Challenges Together


RJ works with your Team to understand the needs and goals of your business.

Design a shipping plan to fit your needs


We work collaboratively to develop a shipping solution that will overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

Deliver your product to your customers on time every time


We manage your shipping to create value as your partner, so you can deliver value to your customers.

Why do shipping headaches happen?

It really comes down to three things:


Blind bids and cut-rate brokers are often in the position to close their eyes and say, "Sure, we can do that!", whether or not they actually can.


Nobody cares about your product more than you. Ownership makes the difference between giving up or spending the extra time solving the issue to ensure shipments arrive on time.


Yes, it might require some extra time on our end, but we think you deserve to be kept in the loop about the progress of your freight. In fact, you deserve proactive communication—knowing how things are going long before you need a major update.

Proud Members and Certified With:

Delivering Positive Experiences

Equipment Types

Dry Van

Dry Van

Straight Truck

Cargo Van


Curtain Side

Double Drop

“We have found the Leadership team at RJ Logistics to be extremely welcoming and easy to work with. Our Leadership team holds their counterparts @ RJ in high regards. We see RJ as like-minded as they put the customer, people, and quality first.”

- RJ Logistics Customer
“The RJ Logistics Laredo team has a very quick response time and provide high quality interactions with our team.”

-RJ Logistics Mexico Partner
“RJ Logistics Customer Service Representatives are easy to work with, and quick to respond.”

- RJ Logistics Customer
"Securing the shipment and receiving the material is always critical. The RJ team reduced the stress and frustration around the proccess through outstanding communication. When the RJ team took charge of the situation they made sure the job was done properly and on time. With RJ I don’t worry about my product being picked up and delivered."

- Elda M. RJ Customer
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The RJ Promise

We will pick up and deliver your shipments in a timely manner. If delays happen due to factors within our control, we’ll take responsibility and do everything we can to make it right. We’ll provide you with regular updates on the status of your shipments, so you always know where your products are and when they will arrive at the destination.

4 Most-Common Shipping Problems

(and How to Solve Them)

When you select a transportation logistics company, you want to be sure your shipments are being shipped and received on time, every time

Unfortunately, shipping issues are all too common. Breakdowns in communication and poor decision-making can lead to delayed deliveries, upset customers, damaged cargo, and breach of trust. 

Here are four of the most common shipping problems and how to solve them . . . fast. 

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