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Power-Only Loads: Leveraging Power-Only Trucking for Maximum Efficiency

Power-Only Trucking

At RJ Logistics, we have the power — the power to collaborate effectively with our customers to find the best transportation options, the power to make your supply chain more efficient, and the power to make only trucking choices to meet your shipping needs.

How Does Power-Only Trucking Work?

Power-only trucking literally means the tractor — the power unit — is provided by one party, and the trailer is provided by another, usually the shipper or a third-party logistics company. Truckstop explained the shipping option in simple terms: “When a shipper has a load of freight but no tractor or driver to haul it, they can connect with a power-only trucking company directly or work with a broker to find the right carrier.” 

In many cases, trailers are already preloaded before the tractor arrives, according to Trucker Tools, which said power-only capacity gives shippers, brokers, and carriers flexibility. “As a power-only carrier, you may run flatbed and open deck, dry van, reefer and/or shipping containers.”

Comparing Power-Only Trucking with Other Options

Power-only trucking differs from the standard tractor-and-trailer combination in a number of ways, particularly because of the use of:

  • Drop trailers, which “allow shippers or receivers to load or unload the trailer without the driver having to stand around waiting for them to finish,” Truckstop said. 
  • Trailer pools, a group of multiple drop trailers at one location. 
  • Drop-and-hook, which involves a driver dropping off one trailer and picking up another.

Power-only trucking can also be used to address shippers’ labor, warehouse, or supply chain issues, Truckstop said, pointing out that a “common way for shippers to use power-only trucking is to load goods onto trailers well in advance. The trucking industry can be affected by many factors, from supply chain issues to weather conditions. Some shippers find it easiest to keep their own fleet of trailers, load them up as they go along, and then hire a power-only trucking company when they’re actually ready to go.” 

The Strategic Advantages of Power-Only Trucking 

Benefits of power-only trucking, according to Truckstop, include:

  • Control. “In a power-only trucking arrangement, the shipping company maintains control of the trailers, and the trucking company maintains control of the trucks,” it said. “Dividing up these two elements allows each business to focus on what it does best.”
  • Reliability. Shippers can leave finding and scheduling drivers and tractors to trusted providers that get the job done.
  • Efficiency. “When trucks and trailers are a package unit, it can be difficult to maximize efficiency, as it means constantly matching up loads to reduce deadheading or moving empty trailers around the country,” the Truckstop blog said. “Power-only trucking solutions maximize efficiency by allowing shipping and receiving companies to load and unload trailers as needed and drivers to pick them up when they’re ready to go.” 
  • Lower costs. Power-only trucking companies don’t need to buy trailers, and shippers don’t have to purchase tractors. 
  • Speed and flexibility. Power-only trucking allows transportation providers to send drivers when and where they have loads, avoiding wait times.   

RJ Logistics Delivers No Matter the Need

An article, “Mastering the Road: The Unsung Heroes of Power Only Loads in U.S. Logistics,” said that “efficiency in operations is a cornerstone strategy for shippers dealing with power-only loads. Usually, this process entails carefully selecting a power unit that precisely suits their freight requirements. Working with seasoned brokers or transportation partners who are adept at navigating the intricacies of the freight business can frequently help with this.” 

Sometimes, to get the job done, multiple drivers and power units need to be provided. We did just that. RJ Logistics efficiently serviced a customer with an urgent need by providing four power units with team drivers to move four loads of machinery simultaneously via Conestoga trailers from Colorado to Mexico. 

“Success in the dynamic and competitive freight industry of today depends on implementing efficient operating techniques,” the “Mastering the Road” article said. “These tactics improve client satisfaction and service quality in addition to expediting the delivery process. Operational methods are critical for preserving productivity and utilizing technology for best results, especially in the area of power-only loads in the United States.” 

At RJ Logistics, we are experts at navigating the intricacies of the freight industry and delivering for our customers with the most efficient operating techniques. We are driven by our mission to deliver positive experiences for our customers, partners, and community through actions guided by our core values and principles.

Through our strategic partnerships, our expert service options include flatbed, Conestoga, cargo van, dry van, and expedited.

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