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Nature Nurture and Community Engagement with RJ Logistics

We understand your options for logistics companies may be vast and every one of those companies has similar promises— on who they are and what services they can provide. While weeding through potential logistic providers, there is no truer statement than: actions speak louder than words.

As we fully engulf ourselves within our mission statement – “To deliver positive experiences for our customers, partners, and community through actions guided by our core values and principles” – RJ Logistics is cultivating a remarkable partnership with the Johnson Nature Center, in the heart of Bloomfield Hills, MI.

The History of the Johnson Nature Center

Over thirteen thousand years ago, melting glaciers sculpted the hills of Bloomfield. Early Michigan settlers in the 1800s were drawn by fertile land and the unique “oak openings” habitat, giving rise to the name “Bloomfield Hills.”

In 1968, the Bloomfield Hills School District acquired the property, transforming it into an educational sanctuary. Renamed the Johnson Nature Center in 1970, its mission was clear: to enhance science education through hands-on experiences in nature. 

The Problem: A Legacy of Preservation and Education Needs Continued Community Support

The history of the Johnson Nature Center runs deep, as does its commitment to preserving its natural environment. Today, it stands as a symbol of land preservation and a testament to nurturing a love for the environment in future generations.

In order to continue their work, the nature center needs continued community support — both financially and through the work of selfless volunteers. 

The Stakes: Without Community Support, this Natural Gem Could Be Lost

The Johnson Nature Center is a natural haven, spread across forty scenic acres. Its pristine four-acre pond is home to diverse fish species, while the surrounding landscape boasts stands of pine, hardwoods, and sugar bush. Two miles of wood-chipped walking trails crisscross the grounds, providing a safe habitat for various wildlife, from red foxes and coyotes to deer and minks.

Without community support of individuals like you and RJ Logistics, the special wildlife enclosures housing orphaned and injured animals— all well kept by a nurturing, hardworking team would all be in jeopardy. 

The Solution: A Pledge to the Community

You are invited to become a supporting role in our cause through your connection with RJ Logistics. You are choosing to pledge back to the community by partnering with a logistics company that means what they say within their mission statement.

At RJ Logistics, we’re proud to be an active partner of the Johnson Nature Center. Our sponsorship extends beyond financial support; it’s a commitment to nurturing a sense of wonder about the world around us. It is about fostering a love for nature, connecting with our community, and creating positive experiences.

RJ Logistics Delivering Positive Experiences sign on a wood box

The Outcome: Together We Can Contribute to the World at Large

Be a part of the vision with us, to create meaningful connections within our communities and nurture the spirit of togetherness that extends far beyond logistics. 

Together, through community outreach and volunteer opportunities we are working to actively contribute to our community’s growth and sustainability.

A Better Future Together: by Cultivating Connections, One Community at a Time

Rest assured that when you choose RJ Logistics as your provider, we’re not only committed to your superior logistics service, but to being an engaged member of our community. 

As we continue to nurture these connections, we’re confident that together, we can make a positive impact on our community and the world at large, together.

RJ Logistics is not confined to office buildings and the roads we champion; but the preservation in our communities. Connect with us, to the wider world in our belief of delivering more than just freight.

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