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Logistics on the Move: The Role of Transportation in Robotics Industry Supply Chains

Robotics Industry

The robotics industry has advanced far beyond creations for the movies. Robotics now plays a vital role in supply chains. That means transportation and logistics providers play a critical role in getting high-tech and high-value robotics equipment into hospitals, factories, and warehouses. 

Healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, and automaking are among the industries utilizing robotics for such tasks as manipulation and grasping, order fulfillment, and inspections and defect analysis, according to an Association for Advancing Automation report, “Intelligent Automation: 6 AI Applications that are Changing Industry.”

Another report looked specifically at manufacturing. Boston Consulting Group’s “Advanced Robotics in the Factory of the Future,” said that “new disruptive technologies and anticipated cost reductions will enable advanced robots to perform tasks that conventional robots cannot automate economically.” 

The report said all industries must prepare for that future now. 

“Producers must implement advanced robotics as part of a comprehensive program to digitize operations. They should quickly develop the target picture for the future factory and identify the most promising applications of advanced robotics. They should also ensure that their organization and system architecture are prepared to tackle the challenges of implementing and operating advanced robotics.”

Mastering Inbound Logistics in the Robotics Industry

The global robotics industry is forecast to generate more than $43 billion in revenue by 2027, “fueled by the widespread adoption of robots in industrial environments,” industrial sourcing platform Thomas said. “Today, more than 3.4 million industrial robots are in service in factories worldwide, a huge jump compared to when robotics technologies were deployed at minimal scales just a few years ago.”

HowToRobot said implementing robotics into a warehouse, for instance, requires storage and retrieval systems and equipment such as robotic arms, shuttles, and vertical lift modules. 

“While warehouse robots offer a great return on investment in the future, there are upfront costs in buying and deploying them. You’ll need to understand the type and number of robots required, the complexity of the controls and software needed to manage the robots, and the costs and savings to estimate the capital expenditure and ROI for the project,” said HowToRobot, which has a directory of more than 16,000 robotics industry equipment suppliers

Working with a skilled and trusted partner, like RJ Logistics, can control the transportation and logistics costs associated with deploying robotics in any industry. 

Logistics Strategies for Robotics Components

Tailored logistics solutions are necessary for the delivery of large and/or delicate robotics systems and components to end users. The best logistics providers will define the customer’s needs and objectives and deliver on their promises to get these high-tech and high-value shipments where they need to go and when they need to get there safely and securely. 

At RJ Logistics, we learn how our customers operate, adapt to their specific needs, and ensure an outstanding experience with every shipment. 

It’s also important for logistics providers to work collaboratively with customers. That includes clear and open communication as well as honesty and transparency. At RJ Logistics, our technology features satellite tracking, which allows us to track and regularly provide updates on shipments from pickup to delivery.  

High-tech and high-value robotics industry equipment has specific requirements for shipping, such as custom packaging solutions or climate-controlled transport. At RJ Logistics, we provide our customers with custom solutions for their toughest shipping challenges. 

Trust Your Robotics Industry Equipment to RJ Logistics

“Autonomous robots are helping define the supply chain of the future by helping companies decrease long-term costs; provide labor and utilization stability; increase worker productivity; reduce error rates; reduce the frequency of inventory checks; optimize picking, sorting, and storing times; and increase access to difficult or dangerous locations,” a Deloitte report said. 

RJ Logistics has helped define the supply chain of today with its attention to detail for not only high-tech and high-value robotics industry equipment but every shipment, no matter its size or value. 

At RJ Logistics, it is our mission to deliver positive experiences for our customers, partners, and community through actions guided by our core values and principles. We deliver these positive experiences with all our service options, which include flatbed, Conestoga, cargo van, dry van, and expedited

In addition to robotics and automation, we serve a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defense, healthcare, manufacturing, and oil and energy.

At RJ Logistics, we offer customers:

  • Dedicated account managers.
  • Reliable communication.
  • 24/7 service.
  • Advanced technology.
  • White-glove service.
  • Global shipment tracking.
  • Specialized experience.
  • Cross-border expertise.

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