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Tacos, field day games, and raffle prizes at Henderson Academy’s end of the year party!

Detroit, MI – May 14th, 2019 – Growing up, I could remember how much fun and excitement we had building up to the End of the year parties, or Field day events during our last days of elementary/middle school. It was a full day dedicated to getting children from all different classes outdoors to participate in games, enjoy food, and share laughs before they part ways with the school for the summer. These are memories that I’m sure many of us hold dearly. Having been involved with the school since 2018, our team at RJ Logistics wanted to pass down this experience to the students at the Henderson Academy in Detroit, MI. We rounded up four of our employees and paired up with ‘Detroit Loves Tacos LLC’, to provide lunch and snacks for the children at Henderson. Smiles became contagious as soon as Kris, our Marketing Coordinator, brought out his professional camera. The kids all ran and lined up to be next in line for photos. The students, being curious about the camera itself, pleaded for a chance to try to take some of their own photos, and we were more than happy to teach them the ropes. After we were able to get some pictures, enjoy a brief recess and show some of our team members around the school, we were ready for the games. Our team had an outstanding time catching up with the students and participating in their relay races, football games, cheerleading dances, and much more. Since our involvement with the school in late November, our team has been regularly keeping in contact with the supervisors. We are always interested in hearing about updates as to how the students are doing, if we’ve been able to make an impact, and whether they need any sort of assistance from us. Ms. Hood, a supervisor at Henderson Academy and close friend to RJ Logistics, is always excited to share news as to how the students have been since our involvement with the school. She shares thank you stories from both students and parents and assures us that Henderson has had a great school year because of our help and support. Here at RJ Logistics, we absolutely love getting involved in activities and sponsorships that we feel could make a difference for the best. We wish nothing but the best for the students and staff at Henderson Academy, and we hope that we have impacted their lives in a positive way. Thank you to all the staff and supervisors at Henderson Academy for all the hard work they put into educating the students, and we ask that you all enjoy your summer vacation to your fullest limits!

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