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Detroit Public Schools shut off water supply to Henderson Academy (K-8TH), RJ Logistics steps in.

RJ Logistics team

Detroit, MI – November 24, 2018 – With 2018 coming to an end, RJ Logistics worked closely with Henderson Academy, a K-8th Grade Detroit Public School who reached out to us for assistance during the 2018-2019 school year. Katrina Hood, a supervisor at the school and a close friend to RJ’s reached out to us to see if we would be interested in giving a helping hand. In August of 2018, the clean water supply to many Detroit public schools, including Henderson Academy, had been shut off due to funding and led contamination. School uniforms were very scarce, which discouraged many students to be present in class, and funding was low. Prior to RJ’s involvement, filtered water dispensers were located throughout the hallways to ensure that the children did not have to drink the contaminated water. Flimsy paper cups were supplied to students and caused for many spills in the hallways. This made for a huge slip hazard and made it dangerous for many of the staff and students who were walking the crowded hallways. As part of our social responsibility model, RJ Logistics decided to partner up with Henderson Academy to supply clean drinking water, uniforms, and sporting equipment to make sure that the students had a safe and fun environment at school. We loaded up one of our trucks with all the supplies and made our way to the Henderson. We were heartfelt to see how the students greeted us upon arrival. They came forth with beaming smiles and an adorable thank you card which we proudly showcase in our Chesterfield office. Eager to get their hands on the new footballs, basketballs, soccer balls and uniforms, they helped us unload our van and went back and forth with us conversating about sports, future goals, and hidden talents that they were all excited to announce. Our team spent the afternoon chatting with the children, sharing advice, and tossing the pig skin. Henderson Academy is just one of over 200 Detroit Public Schools which must endure countless challenges that make getting a good education difficult. We are extremely glad to make even a slight difference in one school, and hope that others follow our footsteps. The youth is our future, and assuring a strong, educated community across all counties of the state is a big step in unification of the state and an overall better economy.  Our partnership with Henderson Academy will continue throughout the years, and close communication is kept with the students and staff at Henderson Academy to measure the success of the students and assure that all their needs are met. (See photo album)

Interested in getting involved with Henderson Academy or other Detroit Public Schools?


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