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Intensifying weather puts homeless veterans at risk, RJ Logistics sees an opportunity to aid.

Detroit, MI – December 12, 2018 – According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, statistics had shown that up to 37,800 Veterans were experiencing homelessness in 2018. Roughly 1,000 of those Veterans resided in Michigan ( As a company that proudly hires Veterans, and shows great support to the U.S. Army, we took it in our hands to get involved with assisting our Veterans and providing resources to ensure that they have a safe winter. Our company was able to get in touch with Nadine Jones, the creator of the organization ‘Love A Michigan Vet. We reached out to her and informed her of our social responsibility model, and how we would love to help her cause. RJ Logistics, along with many other sponsors, partnered up with ‘Love A Michigan Vet’ to provide winter jackets, pillows, blankets, food, care packages, and many other supplies to accommodate their needs. We had many of our staff eager to show up after hours to ‘Volunteers of America’ and the ‘Emmanuel House’ homeless Veteran shelters inside of Detroit. Our on-sight team, some being Veterans themselves, assisted in handing out the jackets, working in the kitchen, serving food, and overall conversating with the Veterans and hearing stories of their time served. We were fortunate enough to sit down and enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner with our Veterans, share gifts, sing, dance, and have an overall amazing time for the Holiday season. We look forward to continuing partnering with ‘Love A Michigan Vet’ throughout the 2019 year and helping the organization in achieving their goal of leaving no Veterans behind.

Would you like more information on Nadine’s ‘Love A Michigan Vet Project? Visit their Facebook page at

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