Trucking | RJ Logistics - Part 3

Services Highlight: Door-to-door Shipping. What is it?

In logistics, Door-to-Door (DTD) service refers to the movement of cargo from its point of origin (Shipper) to the destination (IE: Consignee), while generally remaining on the same piece of equipment and avoiding multiple transactions, transloading, and cross-docking. For movements of goods within a single country, Door-to-Door normally refers to a single movement of cargo on one

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RJ Logistics COVID-19 Official Statement

Dear Valued Customer: To all individuals affected by COVID-19 global pandemic, our prayers and hearts go out to you. We are lucky to be part of an industry that’s able to create a positive impact on a day to day basis, but furthermore, in times of challenge and adversity, we remain committed to support your business throughout the course of this pandemic.

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Honoring our Drivers – National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW)

If you take the time to observe the roads on your daily commute, it isn’t hard to notice the number of trucks traveling down the interstate on a daily basis. The trucking industry employs just about 10 million people in the United States, making it amongst the top 15 most common jobs in America. Over

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