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Love a Michigan Vet

Love a Michigan Vet

There’s no feeling like giving back – RJ Logistics gives back to our veterans for Christmas

December 23rd, 2019 – Just a few days before Christmas, RJ Logistics partnered up with Nadine Jones for a second time to donate almost 100 coats to homeless Michigan veterans at the Volunteers of America shelter in Detroit. Nadine has been running the ‘Love a Michigan Vet’ program for a few years now, providing our veterans with coats, supplies, holiday dinners, and much more right before the holiday season. Her passion to help the less fortunate is something that inspired us to get involved with more organizations that depend on the support of the public to make a difference to their cause.  Being a company that supports our troops in any way possible, we jumped on this opportunity right away. Several of our team members showed up at the shelter with a truck full of coats eager to conversate with veterans who served in battles all across the globe. We had the opportunity to speak to Chuck, a high-spirited veteran who was drafted into Vietnam as a young man between the years 1970-1974. He shared stories of what he and his brothers-in-arms did to pass time while being out in the jungle.

“The food was scarce, the shelter was unpredictable, and the days were long. Being on the front line is a completely different experience than how Hollywood would reenact in movies.”

 The troops would spend up to 16 hours a day with a machete just chopping through the jungle to get to the next destination, carrying the anxiety of having to look over their shoulders every couple of minutes to watch out for snipers who are taking shelter in the trees. He went on to mention how times were way different when the troops came home from Vietnam. When they arrived back in the US, they were insulted, disrespected, and belittled. He was glad to see how times have changed, and that they are finally given the respect that they deserve.

“What makes my day, as well as any other veteran, is when someone takes the time to shake our hand and thank us for our service. They have no idea how much that means to us.”

All the other veterans were extremely happy to receive their new coats, as well as backpacks filled with toiletries and other necessary items provided by other companies who were present.

All in all, it was a great night with a great feast to let our veterans know how much they mean to us. When the community comes together to do something for those who need it the most shows the pride of the American people. We will continue to support this organization for years to come, as well as look for other opportunities where we can make a difference.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the “Love a Michigan Vet” program and getting information on what you can do to help, contact [email protected] to see how you could get involved.

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