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6 Ways You Can Show Appreciation to Your Drivers – NTDAW

This Sunday, 9/13/2020, marks the start of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week – a holiday in which companies dedicate a whole week to showing gratitude to their drivers and owner-operators for all the services that they provide. Being a truck driver can be an extremely exhausting career, and it goes without being said that most people have no clue about all the hard work that goes into it. The hours can be very long, the isolation can be dreadful, and the overall dangers of being on the road for over 40 hours a week just goes to show that truck driving is not by any means an easy career.

Our team would like to share 6 different ways that your company could show appreciation to drivers or owner-operators who are present in your field of work

1) Thank a driver for all their hard work

This is a very important week for drivers across the country and they should be thanked for all their efforts if you see one at your facility. Simply showing appreciation and being aware of this holiday goes a long way by letting drivers know that you are aware of their importance to any given industry. Drivers keep the shelves stocked at our local grocery stores and supermarkets, transport all the raw materials needed to make and sell the products we use on a daily basis, and are responsible for tasks such as waste management that keep our streets clean

2) Host giveaways to your drivers to show appreciation

Providing your drivers with new and up to date items that they can keep handy on the road is another great way for companies to show appreciation to their drivers. With Fall coming up around the corner, supplying them with company branded clothing such as beanies, hoodies, or gloves for the season really shows a lot of effort. Even as a smaller company, providing smaller items such as coffee tumblers or water bottles really goes a long way.

3) Give your drivers a shoutout across social media

Make sure that your company shows appreciation by recognizing the holiday on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media channels. In our experience, many of our drivers follow us across our social media platforms, so a shoutout is a great way to show that your company is up-to-date and aware of the holiday. Making daily posts and coming up with new content ideas to display to your audience will prove that you are making efforts to thank your drivers for their continued hard work

4) Offer your drivers a free truck wash

Make the next one on the house! Just like personal vehicles, trucks can get messy quickly. A lot of the long-haul truckers spent over 10 hours a day in those tight cabins, not including the hours they spend sleeping. For their own comfort, it’s always a good idea to keep a clean and organized cabin. Offer them their next truck wash on the house, they will appreciate it greatly!

5) Get your employees involved in NTDAW

Make sure that all the employees in your facility are getting involved with the holiday. When they see drivers on sight or speak to them over the phone, have them thank the drivers for their time spent with the company and their commitment to their craft. In different times, we would host companywide BBQ’s throughout all our locations in which we grilled delicious food daily for our drivers and employees to enjoy and get the chance to talk to one another. Unfortunately, due to current restrictions – we will have to hold off on this tradition for the moment being.

6) Recognize the drivers who have been with you through thick and thin with ‘Driver Spotlights’

Many companies have drivers who have been with them for years. In an industry with such high turnover, having drivers who have been with your team for extended periods of time deserve to be recognized for their commitment. Showing attention to these drivers via Driver Spotlights are a fantastic way to thank them for everything they have done for your company. Posting gratitude through social media for their hard work should be a must, and asking them a couple questions such as “What is your favorite part about working with us?”, “What is your best memory with your time spent here?” and “Why did you choose this career?” makes for great content and shows to the driver that their time spent is greatly appreciated.


7) Every week should be treated as Driver Appreciation Week

Although on paper NTDAW only lasts for a week, drivers should be appreciated regularly throughout the entire year. As mentioned in the beginning, drivers are a crucial part of our economy and quite literally make the world go round. It’s easy to overlook everything that they do for our country when we are so focused on our own individual tasks, however, they should never be left in the dark. Be kind, courteous, and respectful to all drivers that you encounter on a regular basis, just like you are with all other people on your team. They are just as much of an essential employee to any operation as those who work in the office, factory, store, etc.

Thank you to all the drivers on our team, we hope that this week brings you great fortune and that you are all able to see how much value you offer to us!

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