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Door to Door Shipping throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

RJ Logistics picks up from the shippers’ port, warehouse, or distribution center and delivers directly to your desired location.

We’ll Manage Your Entire Door to Door Operation.

Our Door to Door Logistics Operations handle all aspects of our customers’ shipping needs. Whether planned in advance or a deviation from your intermodal routing, you can count on our team to manage the import and/export of goods, shipping, handling, and cross-border activities. When partnering with RJ Logistics, we manage your Door to Door supply chain from pick-up to delivery.

Access to over 50,000 Power Units throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico

Utilizing our service provider network and if need be, our customers’ network, you can rely on our team to source the proper equipment needed for your Door-to-Door shipments. You can be sure that you’ve made the right decision by choosing our Door-to-Door transportation services.

Never miss an Update

Since RJ Logistics is one of the best truck driving companies, our core focus is not only transport services but also a personal touch when it comes to Customer Service. For over a decade we rely on relationships with our customers to ensure all their expectations are met. Our team takes pride and ownership in our ability to be fully responsive in assisting the needs of our customers

  • 24/7 Tracking and Operational support
  • Live Updates on the status of your shipments
  • Single Point of contact
  • EDI capable

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