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Ship Freight To Your Customers in Mexico As Safely And Efficiently As Possible

Being a Detroit Based Logistics company, we’re fortunate enough to have offices and trucking terminals located just 30 miles away from the United States/Canada border. RJ Logistics has been servicing our customers to the North since we first began our operations in 2008. If you choose RJ Logistics, you can be sure that our cross-border services will meet your expectations. Our team is equipped to handle any freight crossing into Canada by understanding the necessary steps to take prior to your shipment arriving at customs. Our vast network throughout North America includes Canadian-based operators which allow us to handle high-capacity projects for all our customer’s needs.

Located in the heart of Mexico, Laredo, Texas Terminal

With our Laredo, Texas (TX) office, and Terminal located along the United States/Mexico Border, our team can easily assist with your cross-border transportation needs into or out of Mexico. Our teams on both sides of the border can efficiently manage and facilitate all aspects of the cross-border and customs processes. If you’re looking for trucking companies in Mexico, look no further than RJ Logistics. We are also a proudly diverse organization with bilingual agents strategically placed within our organization to better communicate and service our Spanish-speaking customers. We want to ensure no aspect of our customer’s supply chain or expectations are lost in translation.

Additional Intra Mexico Transport Services Include:

RJ Logistics has fine-tuned the best and safest methods to go about transporting freight to, from, and within Mexico. Our team of logistics specialists has spent decades developing the proper steps to take to make sure that our customers’ freight arrives on time and undamaged. We are the best transport service in Mexico.  We have the highest quality transport services among many trucking companies in Mexico.

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