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Premium Ground Expedited Shipping Services

Transport smaller and more time urgent freight with RJ Logistics Expedite.

Speed up your shipping process with Expedited Shipping Delivery Transportation Services

For reliable shipping of goods, expedite transport is the best way to make sure your product gets delivered on time. Expedited shipping typically applies to commodities that don’t load on standard semi-truck trailers. It also applies to customers who require the same or next-day shipping for services that can’t be provided by ordinary carriers. For fast, safe, and reliable shipping of goods, expedite shipping is the best way to make sure your product gets delivered on your timetable. Since bonded carriers are licensed transporters that can move freight without paying duty during border crossing, they provide a clear advantage in the expedited shipping process. That way you can be sure that your shipments always adhere to customs protocol.

We offer fast and safe sprinter van transportation services. Trucks that provide expedited shipping include:

  • Sprinter Vans
  • Straight Trucks
  • Cargo Vans

Partnered with the best carriers in the supply chain LTL logistics business

RJ Logistics partners with some of the best expedite carriers throughout the United States. We strategically partner with carefully vetted carriers from every major city to make sure that no matter where or when you need your next shipment needs to be picked-up/delivered, you can count on our team to make it happen. Due to our extensive network of carriers, our expedite team can get the proper truck needed to your desired location within hours of booking your shipment. For first-class and affordable expedited services, call RJ Logistics today to help you move forward. We provide the best LTL logistics in the industry.

Success driven by technology

When it comes to your expedited shipping needs, we understand that time and visibility is of the essence. Our route studies matched with our advanced Transportation Management Systems (TMS) helps us find the safest and quickest routes we need to take in order to guarantee the speed and safety of your shipments.

Never Miss an Update.

We have a 24/7 in-house Tracking team that provides our customers with immediate live updates on their shipments when asked upon.

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